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Tournament Rules

* Teams must be at the field 45 minutes before their game. If the previous game ends early, the next game will start in exactly 15 minutes. Teams must be ready to play or they forfeit.
* Birth Certificate or Proof of Age: May 1st will be the designated date to determine ages. Photocopies of birth certificates or proof of age (e.g. driver's license) must be kept in manager’s possession the entire tournament in case of challenges. If a manager cannot produce a player’s birth certificate upon protest, his team will forfeit the game and the player will be ineligible until birth certificate is produced.
* A regulation game consists of seven innings for age divisions 13U and up, unless the game is shortened due to time limit, mercy rule or extended by extra innings due to tie.
* Home team will be determined by coin flip only during the Pool Play games. During the Championship and/or Elimination Rounds, the "home" team will always be the higher seed. If both teams are the same seed, then a coin flip will take place (unless the teams have previously played and, if so, "head-to-head" tie-breaker shall be used for the "home team") The umpires do not need to be present for the coin flip.
* Games suspended by rain will be handled by the umpire. Each coach will be told how much playing time is remaining and when the game will resume.
* Emergency contact number - Each team must have, at least, one (1) emergency contact number where they can be easily reached during the tournament.
* Tie games. If, at the end of regulation pool play only, both teams are tied, a maximum of 3 innings will be played wherein the following will occur: the visiting team will place the player who made the last out on second base; each batter will begin with a pitch count of 3 balls and 2 strikes. If the teams remain tied after three innings, the game will be recorded as a tie and will count in the final standings.
* We will use the Pool Play format. Teams will be placed in pools where they will play a round-robin within their pool or age group.There will be a 3 game minimum or 4 game minimum depending upon the tournament. If there are less than 8 teams in a particular age group all teams may be placed in 1 pool or 2 pools that have an unequal number of teams and play a preliminary pool play round consisting of 2 games. Under this scenario teams will be seeded after the 2 games and play a single elimination tournament to achieve the champion.
* After pool-play is completed the tournament director will establish a championship play format and possibly a Consolation format to achieve the game minimum for tournament.
* The tournament will follow the "American League Rules" with the following exceptions:
* Exception: A two (2) hour time limit will be in effect. The two (2) hour time limit starts on delivery of first pitch. If an inning starts and the home team is behind, the inning will be completed.
* Umpire to announce the start time of the game. It is the responsibility of both coaches to determine start time with umpire.
* ALL RULES will be enforced in the Championship round games including Mercy Rules. No time limit will be enforced in Championship games
* Exception: This is a metal bat tournament. There are no bat restrictions in the 13U divisions. 16U thru 18U must use a – minus 3 with a BBCOR Cerification.  Any bat - non wood - must be stamped BBCOR for use in ages 16U thru 18U. BESR Ceritified Bats are not legal - must be BBCOR Ceritified.  All Wood Bats are acceptable - including Wood Composite
* Exception: Starting players may re-enter one time into their original batting position if removed during the game. Substitutes may not re-enter if removed from the game. Pitchers removed from the mound may not pitch again in the same game.
* Exception: Mercy rules for all six and seven innings games include:

15 runs after three innings, or two and one half innings if home team is ahead 
10 runs after four innings, or three and one half innings if home team is ahead
8 runs after five innings, or four and one half innings if home team is ahead
At any point after said innings and the home team is behind, you must complete the inning

* Exception: Must slide/avoid contact. A player must slide or attempt to avoid contact on all close plays (umpire discretion). If, in an umpire’s judgment, there is intentional contact, that umpire may call the runner out on that play. If the contact is judged as malicious, that umpire may also eject the player from the game, the Tournament Director will issue a 1 game suspension.
* Exception: Ages 13U thru 18U may use a DH (pitcher only). Extra Hitters, are considered defensive positions for substitution purposes.
* Exception: Speed up Rule - A runner can be used for the pitcher and catcher upon reaching base (mandatory with 2 outs). This player must be someone not in the game or the teams last batted out.
* Pitching  Rules: Coaches discretion, please remember that you are responsible for these young men and the futures they may have.
* Intentional Walks: Head Coach needs to inform the umpire of the intentional walk and the hitter will be awarded First Base.
* Balks – 13u – 1 warning per team. 15u – 18u – NO balk warning.
* Each team will be required to check the website daily for updates on standings during the tournament. The playoff game schedule will be posted online on SATURDAY evening, upon completion of seeding.
* Metal spikes are permitted in 13-18 age groups.  Coaches must wear tennis shoes or cleats on field (NO SANDALS) & must also wear team shirt with logo or team jersey.
* Keep the games moving; on deck batters must retrieve all balls.
* In the event of rain or other matters beyond the control of the Tournament Director, the Tournament Director reserves the right to change the tournament format as he sees fit in order to complete the tournament in the scheduled time period.

0 Games 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s = $175.00
0 Games - 14s thru 18s = $200.00
1 Game– 9s,10s,11s,12s, 13s = $100.00
1 Game - 14s thru 18s = $150.00
2 Games & up = NO REFUNDS

 Note: Refund/rebate policy regarding forfeit games-No refund or rebate will be made to any team receiving a forfeit game, either in pool games or championship play.

* Baseballs - All teams must provide two (2) NEW baseballs to the home plate umpire prior to the start of the game. The baseballs should be of high school baseball quality. Each team must provide used baseballs as needed during the course of the game. Coaches please see that each team retrieves foul balls on their respective sides.
* Physical confrontation - This tournament has "zero tolerance" for any physical confrontations by players, coaches, fans or anyone else. Upon the first violation, the violating party shall be removed from the facility and the tournament, with law enforcement officers contacted if necessary. Parent/Fans that are ejected from a game must leave the facility immediately and will automatically be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

* All decisions made by the umpire are final. Any player or coach who abuses an umpire will be ejected from that game only. A second ejection of a player or coach means removal from the tournament! Team forfeiture in the event an ejection is made and the ejected party refuses to leave the playing facility, the Tournament Director, at his sole discretion, may elect to declare a forfeiture of the game and/or tournament. The tournament director shall have final decision on all tournament ejections.
* Protest fee $100 – cash only. The game will be delayed and a ruling made immediately by the Tournament director. If protest is won $100 will be returned, lose the protest you forfeit your $100.

It is the responsibility of winning coach to text score within 1 hour of the game ending.
Text score to 330-485-6802.This is a text only line no phone calls. 

Failure to text score within an hour will result in a forfeit.   All forfeits scored 7-0. The official score book is to be kept by the Home Team. It is the responsibility of both teams to verify game score at the end of each inning. If a discrepancy occurs, bring it to the attention of the umpire immediately.
* All teams need to be prepared to play FRIDAY EVENING.
* Pool Play will be completed by SATURDAY night. ALL teams will then be seeded and advance toChampionship play.  Check tie breaking rules in the event of a tie in pool play.
Note: all teams are required to check the web site after pool game completion for their Championship Round schedule of play.
* In the event of a tie in pool play to determine a pool winner or wild card team, (1st) tie-breaker is head to head (2nd) lowest runs allowed (3rd) run differential,maximum +8, -8 per game (4th) Flip of a coinIf 3 OR MORE TEAMS ARE TIED RECORDWISE, then runs allowed will determine which Team/Teams advance, unless ALLTIED TEAMS have played head to head during the pool play round.
*Any team that forfeits a game before or once a game has started WILL NOT be permitted to advance to the playoff rounds. Teams that forfeit any games will not receive a four game guarantee.

Tournament Policies

* Each team is required to fill out all required forms on line and either submit or mail (per instructions). ONLY THE OFFICIAL TOURNAMENT FORMS found on line are acceptable. NO SUBSTITUTE FORMS ACCEPTED. VISIT THE REQUIRED FORMS PAGE FOR THE OFFICIAL FORMS.
* Insurance - All teams must submit a copy of their Insurance showing Boys of Summer Athletic Club, Inc as additional insured to participate in this tournament. This will be the responsibility of the head coach or team manager. Please keep a copy of your team insurance available during the tournament.

0 Games 9s, 10s, 11s, 12s, 13s = $175.00
0 Games - 14s thru 18s = $200.00
1 Game– 9s,10s,11s,12s, 13s = $100.00
1 Game - 14s thru 18s = $150.00
2 Games & up = NO REFUNDS

Note: Refund/rebate policy regarding forfeit games-No refund or rebate will be made to any team receiving a forfeit game, either in pool games or championship play.
* Teams that do not meet deadlines for required Registration form, Release form, Roster & Hotel Rooming forms will not be eligible to participate in the Fathers Day Classic Tournament. Teams that are ineligible, because of their lack of responsibility of meeting deadlines will not receive a refund of their tournament fees. The deadlines are as follow:

*Tournament housing information - EACH TEAM MUST SEND IN THE TOURNAMENT HOTEL FORM. The form must be received by due date and before ANY team will be allowed to play their opening game. "ALL OUT OF TOWN TEAMS USING HOTELS ARE REQUIRED TO STAY AT A PARTICIPATING HOST HOTEL". There are no exceptions to this rule and any team found attempting to avoid this rule will be dismissed from the event with no refund given.
*Right to modify and amend: Boys of Summer Athletic Club retains exclusive right to modify and/or amend these Rules and Regulations for the Fathers Day Classic Tournament. Each team is required to review the Rules and Regulations prior to and during the tournament.
*Refund Policy: Withdrawal more than 45 days prior to the tournament - In all cases, a team must provide written notice to Boys of Summer Athletic Club about their intent to withdraw from the tournament. If this notice is received at least 46 days prior to the tournament, Boys of Summer Athletic Club will refund the entry fee less a One Hundred & Fifty Dollar ($150.00) administrative fee. Withdrawal less than 45 days prior to the tournament - *** THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR ANY WITHDRAWAL WITHIN FORTY FIVE (45) DAYS OF THE BOYS OF SUMMER FATHERS DAY CLASSIC TOURNAMENT. Do not call/email and ask for a tournament refund because your team cannot honor their registration commitment.
*Acknowledgement of review of rules and policies - Deposits are non-refundable & each team will be required to sign the registration form acknowledging that they have fully reviewed the current Tournament Rules and Policies and agree to abide by them.
*Rules and Tournament Schedule - In the event there are any changes and/or modifications to the Rules and/or Schedule, said changes/modifications will be posted on the website ( and it is the responsibility of all coaches to regularly check for any changes and/or modifications.

* Field Dimensions are as follows: 13U = 54/80, 14U thru 18U = 60/90
*Change in tournament format - Due to any last minute changes in teams, weather or any other reasons, the Fathers Day Classic Tournament Director reserves the right to modify the format of this event. Any changes of the format will be posted as soon as possible on-line, and announced to the teams during the tournament.
*Tournament admissions - Admissions will NOT be charged at any field. " NO GATE FEES".
*Outside food and beverage - NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR BEVERAGE PERMITTED IN THE BALLPARKS, EXCEPT PERSONAL COOLERS FOR PLAYERS. Please request that your families and friends comply with this rule. Anyone caught not adhering to this rule will be asked to remove said food and beverage from the park.
Note: If a facility does not have concessions, then you may bring in outside food and/or beverages. Please check with the facility.
All participants are competing at their own risk. By participating you agree to hold the Tournament Director, Tournament Officials, Tournament Hosts, and Tournament Sponsors harmless from any liability resulting from participation in the tournament
*NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED in the parking lots or fields at any time.

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